The country has convulsed in anger and hostility at the events of January 6th.  People are being accused of insurrection and being dangerous to our republic; acting on those heightened emotions, there are those who believe associated entities must be confronted by drastic measures.  The core of this anger for many in this large group of people is a belief that this past election was plagued by fraud.  However, the allegations of widespread fraud have been dismissed out of hand by mainstream media, and the effort to pursue an investigation of these claims has been limited by the courts and thwarted by media and social media technology companies.  The cancel culture is fully engaged and taking action – a bit frightening to be living through such changes, where arguments are not being heard and nearly all the discussion is one sided.

Now comes an article in the Wall Street Journal about a unionization attempt at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama.  Why is Amazon, who de-platformed Parler and delayed its voluntary cooperation to disseminate COVID19 vaccines until AFTER a new administration took control, opposed to mail-In ballots?  Surprisingly, can it be true that Amazon is alleging as its basis to challenge mail-in voting the potential for fraud??  Somebody please wake me up!  If this is true, it is an absurd level of inconsistency, hypocrisy and prejudice.  Where are our national fact checkers, as they MUST look into this?

Sadly, the story is likely to be true – rational people agree that you must have lots of checks and verification during the voting process to prevent nefarious activities.  Amazon appears to understand this but practices it selectively and inconsistently.  The best way to reduce anger and hostility is to investigate the claims seriously and have reasoned responses.  Telling rational people to just shut up is totally inconsistent with a push for unity – true unity involves listening, understanding and compromise, not just “shut up and agree with ME”.