As summer begins to fade to fall, it’s a good time to return from “vacation” and highlight a few topics timely over the past few months….

Paul Hofmann, Harlem Township Trustee, addressed a local school board earlier this summer on the apparent contradiction between the board’s goals and the multitude of unfunded mandates from Springfield.  He challenged them to determine how focusing on mandates (such as Critical Race Theory education) will support the Long Range Plan of the district – to improve education preparedness.  The district website appeared to set forth a good roadmap to improve the preparedness of students, but achieving that goal when forced to navigate multiple hazards, detours and potholes sent forth by Springfield bureaucrats seems impossible.

Duane Ingram, WCRCC Treasurer and frequent author of local conservative articles, completed his reading of Steven E. Koonin’s new book, “Unsettled.” –  Koonin served as Undersecretary of Energy in the Obama administration (2009-11).  A capable theoretical physicist and experienced administrator, he is able to cut through hype and writes so as to be understandable by the interested non-scientist.  His book shows how effective administrators can evaluate work when they are not particularly expert in the discipline and explains how inappropriate analysis or presentation of data is being used too often to mislead and control public opinion.  One example is the difference between climate (what we expect) and weather (what we get). All who are not climate science experts may wish to understand what the data reveals without being misled by agenda-driven interpreters – and he provides the necessary invaluable insight and guidance. Duane states “This book should be a must-read for all teachers, politicians, and people attempting to direct response to perceived climate changes.”

Have you noticed a strange double-standard permeating our society?  You have to look closely, as the mainstream media would never report on it voluntarily – it does not paint a flattering picture of the far-left Democrats it helped elect recently.  Some examples:

    — the never-ending extensions of government control as it relates to COVID19?  First we need to shut down to “flatten the curve”, then mask up to limit exposure, then take the shot to get back to normal, now we have to mask up whether you took the shot or not and may face more shut downs?  As things continue down a path that takes one step forward, then two steps back and to the left (never the right), one must wonder whether this is all just an experiment to see how far government interference with personal liberties can go before there is a firm opposition to the mounting restrictions and demands.
    — mandates discussed now include requiring employees (public and private in some areas) and military to get the shot.  Yet, the current administration has all but opened the southern border and have allowed hundreds of thousands into the country – many of whom have not received the shot and have declined it.  It seems legal immigration is nearly extinct – but one would think, if the shot will be forced on citizens, it certainly should be required of those entering the country?
    — the virus, however, can be fickle.  It is now imperative, for whatever reason the government thinks is OK during the current news cycle, to return to restrictions and include masking children – whom studies show are far more UNlikely to become ill than adults.  While at the same time, Lollapalooza and Milwaukee Bucks parties with thousands of unmasked individuals congregating in large tight crowds are allowed without a second thought.  Fortunately, events Democrats allow (including scaled-down birthday bashes) must have some secret protection from the virus….?
     — final comparison of double-standards….. the media coverage of the debacle created in the withdrawal from Afghanistan the past several weeks, culminating in this week’s apparent abandonment of thousands of Americans there.  Without going into details, can you imagine the media coverage had this occurred under Trump’s administration – compared to the stories posted, printed and televised this past 30 days??

So, how are you all enjoying the recent spikes in the price of luxury items – gas, food, building supplies, other true necessities?  After six months in office, under the Biden administration there have been some improvements in the unemployment numbers – but is that because Republican governors ceased the extra “unemployment compensation” passed on in one of Biden’s Trillion dollar bills during those six months?  Even if the US government can print money, it does not mean we have an unlimited supply – lest we devalue the dollar and tank the economy like a third-world nation.  Take a look on the internet and compare prices of some of those “luxury” items to a year or two ago – gas was not this high during any Trump year (average was around $2.50/gallon), and the average price has jumped $.80 under Biden!

Finally, if the time is right for you to sell your home, it apparently is a seller’s market BIG TIME in our nation.  Curious, given the pandemic halt to evictions one might expect the opposite.  But I heard on the radio the average sale price of a residence is over $300,000 now?  Same story referred to only ONE municipal area in the nation where prices have dropped in the past year…… Illinois city….. those who would guess Chicago would be wrong!  But alter your focus (where do we have too many politicians?) – Springfield!