President Biden has declared that the world has witnessed the greatest airlift in American history as 120,000 people were flown out of Afghanistan in the last days of August 2021.  The mainstream media are all in on heaping praise on this president on what many others are calling “the greatest debacle in American history.” I am among this group of “many others.”

Thirteen Americans dead at the hands of a suicide bomber. 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment abandoned and left to the Taliban. This is how we end our 20 year war with nearly 3000 Americans dead?? Former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, stated “The greatest threat to our country in our lifetime is Joe Biden.”

Left behind in Afghanistan: 208 planes and helicopters (110 helicopters-among them Apache Attack Helicopters, the most sophisticated and lethal in the world. 60 transport planes, 20 light attack planes, 18 surveillance planes), 75,898 vehicles (42,604 tactical vehicles, 22,174 humvees, 8,998 medium tactical vehicles, 1,005 recovery vehicles, 928 mine resistant vehicles, 189 armored tanks), 599,690 weapons (358,530 rifles, 126,295 pistols, 64,363 machine guns, 25,327 grenade launchers, 12,692 shotguns, 9,877 rocket propelled grenades, 2,606 howitzers, 16,000 night -vision goggles). With very few exceptions, all of this equipment was fully operational. We also gave them Bagram Air Base. Source (GAO) Government Accountability Office. The main stream media says nothing of this. Can you just imagine if Donald Trump had done this???

And so, we are where we are today. We have provided this “gold mine” of armament to the most vicious thugs in the world. Will our youthful treasure on another day look down the barrels of these weapons?? President Biden promised us 47 years of foreign policy experience????   We know there are several hundred Americans left behind and we promised the thousands of SIV (special immigration visa) holders who helped our war fighters to get them and their families to America.

This is the true tragedy. As they rushed to the airport waving their visas, the Taliban held them back or turned them around. They allowed thousands through the gates with NO papers at all to board the planes according to the Wall Street Journal. Can you just imagine who some of these people are?

So, you ask, why would the Taliban hold back the special immigration visa holders?? Think of it folks, these are the people who helped us in our 20 year war against the Taliban. They now live in fear for their own and their families lives.

The outrage from our allies around the world of this unbelievable failure of leadership by Joe Biden is overwhelming. United Kingdom’s Parliament condemned Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan as being “catastrophic and shameful.”

On September 9 the President gave us a new narrative to get our mind and outrage over Afghanistan out of the news. We must all be vaccinated or face severe penalties. He calls covid 19 the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The incompetence of this President is beyond incomprehensible. You won’t read this in any daily newspaperbecause the mainstream media has its head in the sand.