Continuing our comments on the beginning of 2021 …..

Never let a crisis go to wasteabuse your power whenever you can:  an updated version of the Rahm Emmanuel quote,  Biden has chosen to flee fast and hard away from the bipartisan promises he made following the election and leading up to his inauguration – perhaps due to the sole fact that his party (barely) controls two branches of active government (Congress and White House), or perhaps because his actions are catering to the progressive socialist wing of the national Democratic party.  That control can be fleeting and likely will disintegrate if he continues to push the hard left, elitist socialist agenda that we have seen thus far.

The nearly $2,000,000,000,000 (yes, that’s 2 trillion) in the COVID relief plan garnered no Republican support, due in main part to the fact that barely 9% went to current COVID assistance.  He has floated an infrastructure plan at double the cost which includes another spate of liberal wish-list ideas having nothing to do with actual roads and bridges and transportation.  This is accomplished in part from the Biden-speak definition of infrastructure.  In years past (even as recently as the Obama years), infrastructure referred to physical improvements involving trade and transportation – things that are built with those “shovel-ready jobs” Obama promised during his two terms.  Now, however, the 2021 definition includes virtually anything that the federal government can buy with YOUR TAX dollars – internet, child-care, employment perks, union benefits, paid leave, care-giving…?  Stay tuned – if we dig enough, you will find dog grooming, pedicures and Coke (not Pepsi, since it’s now “woke” yet) meets “infrastructure” too!

Without such a liberal (as in no restrictions at all) interpretation, how can Biden expect to spend the next 4 Trillion (that’s $4,000,000,000,000) beyond his COVID-19 relief package?  The plan he has announced is based on – you guessed it – increasing taxes on “the wealthy and corporations”.  In traditional socialist-themed thinking, he and his Democrat friends fail to recognize two obvious points – a) the wealthy can relocate easily once the tax burden becomes excessive OR choose to scale down and, contrary to the American Dream, think smaller and work less; and b) corporations that must pay higher taxes have an obligation to break even (or make a profit) to its shareholders (including all those invested in 401K or IRAs holding stocks as assets), and to do so the corporations must…. RAISE PRICES to offset the extra expense (or terminate employees).  In many respects, economics is a zero-sum game – what increases in one area decreases in another.  But in logic v. socialism, under the current leaders socialism wins nearly every time.

Not content with bankrupting our nation, in the last month Biden announced executive orders for further gun control, due in part to recent gun violence in several different states.  Gun control starting with criminals would be a good start, but the criminals (defined as those who commit crimes!) ignore those laws – leaving unarmed citizens left to suffer.  He has declared protections in the Constitution are not “absolute” (including the 2nd Amendment) – so be prepared for more orders based on the Constitution as being a guideline and establishing no RIGHTS for citizens.  What is next – term limits of the president are not “absolute” (well, some already believe we are in Obama term III now!)??

Much like in 2009, when Obamacare was rammed through Congress so they and we “could see what’s in the bill”, Biden and his minions are overplaying their hand.  We must hammer congressional Democrats – including Cheri Bustos, who is now a lame-duck and may have to live without congressional perks in two years – to be responsible and not vote in lock-step with Pelosi, AOC and the rest of the liberal squad.  Email your representatives in Congress, as well as Sens. Manchin and Sinema (who appear the most likely to stand against these excesses), and let’s get solid candidates to take back Congress in 2022 (after Springfield does its worst to our districts!).  We have to stop Biden in the mid-terms… and remove Pritzker at that opportunity as well!