Following on our review of the first three+ months of this year….. we present Part II

Mainstream media bias is strong with this administration:  Many lamented the fact that the Trump administration was targeted by liberals from Congress and mainstream media for four full years, starting the day of his inauguration.  In retrospect, that statement is not subject to factual argument – only differences in degrees based on your view.

Actions taken to stem the influx of illegal aliens at our borders were portrayed as inhumane, with photos of children in “cages” caused solely by Trump (yet the truth was these structures were built AND used during his predecessor’s years in office).  Now, with a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania, the media must downplay actions that, if taken by Trump, would have been front-page headlines for weeks on end.  In March alone over 170,000 migrants came to the southern border and over 10% (nearly 19,000) were unaccompanied minors.  These numbers are a direct cause of statements made by candidate Biden, who now is trying to back-pedal and blame (wait for it….) on Trump’s policies – the same policies Biden reversed days into office.

Now, after nearly three months of failed policies and government-controlled news (remember that reporters were not allowed into these detention facilities for some time, which only increased the suspicion – rightfully so), there has been a tepid acknowledgment that this IS A CRISIS.  Of course, the SIC (socialist in chief) has blamed the majority of these problems on…. Trump (of course) – and the media has lapped up that false narrative and regurgitated it nearly verbatim (double “of course”).  In fact, the independence and integrity of the mainstream media is now a footnote in a history book – as it is clearly no longer existing in 2021.

Actions taken and comments made by the current White House occupant would have resulted in such diametrically different stories had the same steps been taken by Trump.  The Constitution, which set out limitations on the government’s ability to interfere with individual rights (check the history books before they are burned, that’s right), is now viewed as guidelines subject to alteration at the whim of any leftist president or judge.  Biden in the past week justified his actions and comments restricting gun ownership by noting that the protections of the Constitution are not “absolute”.  That would explain the “full-speed ahead” mantra of the liberals in Congress pressing their court-packing ideas (dressed in a “commission” setting) – if we can’t kill constitutional rights through other methods, let’s stuff the ballot box at the Supreme Court in order to have poisonous legislation found adequate and what the Founders would want under the view of a “living document”.

Attempts by left-wing radicals to move the country in their direction has gone from a lurch to an all-out prison break toward socialism.  Statements pronounced by many today would have led to scorn and ridicule 50 years ago (around the time Biden first came to DC!) but now are celebrated by a growing mass that takes no pride in our country – and are encouraged by the mainstream media anxious to make cash off “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality.  Reasonable people must stand firm against these actions and maintain our nation as one of uniform laws, enacted by man but derived from God, applied equally regardless of physical differences (race, age, sex, etc.).  If we don’t, we are left with the left-handed lurch  – to borrow from a famous Soviet leader who was lecturing the weakness of our democracy compared to totalitarianism, “If the communist shoe fits…..