We are now in the midst of our end-of-the-year holidays – Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and of course Thanksgiving that just passed.  Despite the problems we continue to face with COVID – the variations, the limitations on our daily living, the mandates imposed by government officials, the increased crime that Biden claims is COVID-related – we still have much for which to be thankful.  Yes, even in gerrymandering-happy Illinois, there are so many countries with greater problems than ours – economically, geographically, politically.


This week brings that into focus more clearly as we commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack; even today “the day that will live in infamy” is known by all to refer to that day and that attack.  Less than 100 survivors of the attack remain with us today, and as each year passes that number dwindles.  In fact, Sen. Bob Dole, a veteran of that era, passed and was honored at the Capitol and a funeral service in DC before internment at Arlington Cemetery.  Our nation is what it is today in large part due to that generation of men and women who stood strong against the socialism of the Nazis and its allies in Europe and Asia.  In the decades that followed, those men and women – plus the next generation – took the fight to communism in Korea against the Chinese and against the Soviet Union throughout the Euro-Asian land mass.  Do not allow current history revisionists to minimize the sacrifices of these men and women (now or ever), as they recognized the consequences of doing the right thing – or doing nothing – in the face of evil and wrongdoers.


We have lost focus that was seen easily by those men and women – as many seem to race to unsupported conclusions and away from responsibilities.  The loss of life highlighted in two trials in the last month – particularly the Rittenhouse trial – was treated by the media and liberal talking-heads as entirely caused by the actor disregarding circumstances.  Rittenhouse was adjudged and convicted in the media for his actions after selective editing of all relevant facts.  However, the Waukesha Christmas parade killings were viewed with a focus less on the history and actions of the driver … with headlines detailing the incident as if it were an unplanned automobile accident.


The shocking criminal record of that driver – and the seemingly lax justice that had been meted out to him in the past – casts question on the efficiency of the judicial system in that state.  However, with no-cash bail and no bail movements in many states, one has to wonder whether consequences of evil actions remain a societal concern.  Allowing alleged criminals easier access to release and possible re-offending seems the new wave – Illinois passed legislation (effective next year) minimizing consequences, and other locations have followed that trend either with legislation or official discretion.


One need look no further than the rash of “smash and grab” robberies that are proliferating in our nation.  Beyond a disorganized criminal attack by a handful of miscreants, these heinous actions spring from a conspiracy to enter with a dozen or more criminals in a concerted effort to overwhelm any security and make off with thousands of dollars of goods.  Locally, the Chicago mayor has placed some of the blame at…. the STORE OWNERS, who should have more private security and precautions to prevent such crimes.  When there appears to be no consequence to evil actions, and the government either excuses or minimizes the crime, what are those in civilized society to do?


The majority of these actions have been occurring – much like the riots and lawlessness of the summer of 2020 – in cities and states run by Democratic majorities.  Under their leadership, we are not allowed to focus on the wrongdoing, but on the possible excuses for the wrongdoing and rationalization of the acts.  Wokeness allows use of actions that may have occurred centuries ago to justify theft and violence today –  and the media glosses over the worst parts in nearly every report.


This past week, a local paper had an article about those who were arrested in 2020 protests in our area suing in federal court because a bond hearing was not conducted on a weekend by local judges.  In the same paper, stories were printed concerning the Mississippi legislation protecting the unborn and the current status of the case being considered in the Supreme Court.  If a news source is to be credible, it must NOT proclaim the personal beliefs in NEWS stories and reserve them for opinion pages.  However, in the abortion news cycle, a clear bias cannot be ignored.  No bias would mean equal terms – pro-life or pro-abortion OR anti-life or anti-abortion;  but most stories are pro-choice and anti-abortion (see the difference?).  In one story, loss of life is the core issue, while the other temporary loss of liberty is the issue; however, the reports seem to place higher value on the latter and little value on the life…


Of course, the case in the Supreme Court just gives the socialists more fodder to demand legislation to pack the court (didn’t work for FDR, and he was MUCH MORE popular than our current leader).  Threats, veiled and direct, have been lobbed from legislative floors – which is the standard practice of a certain party when things don’t go their way.  Let us all pray that certain reasonable Washington officials (in the Senate now, which means NOT from Illinois) will put the brakes on the “Bankrupt Billions for Biden” bill rammed through the House and destined for a Christmas stocking near you – with a price tag for your great-grandchildren!!  That darn responsibility thing never actually goes away – Dems can ignore it for a generation or two, but it cannot be eliminated.

It is so sad that the greatest generation sacrificed so much and took that mantle of responsibility (like Sen. Dole), only to watch it squandered by our current leaders – the socialists three generations removed that THEY fought against while saving our country.  WE need to take that mantle – so let’s make 2022 a year that would make the WWII generation proud!  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!