The bias in national media against the GOP Is more evident this year than ever. “Exhibit A” is the recent vacancy on the Supreme Court. Let’s establish some facts:

– Without a ninth justice, cases before the Court may end in a tie and starting the process in January would allow a vacancy to extend.

– Judge Garland was nominated in 2016 when, when no matter the November results, there would be a new president. Today that chance is 50/50.

– Garland was nominated by a Democrat whose party lost the Senate in 2014, therefore the Senate and President were of a different party; that is not the case in 2020;

– Since the 19th century, some Senators of the opposite party would vote against a nominee of a President, but far greater deference was granted to the President: Justices O’Connor, Scalia and Kennedy received NO opposition votes, while Ginsburg and Breyer received less than 10 each.  Since 1990, Democrats have voted as a large block against the nominee of a Republican EACH time (Thomas, Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch & Kavanaugh); Republicans did not follow suit until the Obama years

– Most troubling, the attacks on Judge Barrett regarding her Catholic religion comes from Democrats, the party of our only Catholic President.  Ironically, Biden and Pelosi receive no such criticism for their Catholicism.

YES – it is preferable that Supreme Court appointments are not politicized.  Neither party is immune from this “new normal” – although Democrats have initiated such actions and loudly over the years (Bork, Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh).

It is also preferable for elected leaders to agree to disagree- but that too seems to be a lesson of the past.   Neither party is immune, but the Democrat party has chosen a scorched earth policy – pack the courts, threaten more impeachments, add more states, etc. – more quickly and often than Republicans.

Facts are facts: until COVID19, our nation’s economy had grown tremendously in the past three years, with lowest unemployment numbers for ALL sectors of workers in years and stock market heights previously unseen.  Judges who will interpret the Constitution (rather than extend it as they see fit) were approved throughout the nation, and our world status had improved with lower tensions in N. Korea and elsewhere.

SINCE COVID19, most economic indicators are back to pre-pandemic levels and more peace agreements have been reached – unemployment is still too high, but states (not the federal government) control those restrictions.  Don’t get misdirected by the current chicanery – vote for President Trump, for Mark Curran in Senate and Adam Kinzinger and Esther Joy King for Congress!


Jim Thompson