stop the madness… save illinois!

Governor Pritzker and company have decimated working families across Illinois.  They’ve put draconian restrictions from COVID-19 on our state and have refused to lift a finger to protect small businesses from looters and rioters.  Now they want to make sure their hand-picked cronies continue the job.  In the 2020 election season, they are putting measures into place to make it hard for Republicans to vote. 

The mail in ballot is crucial for us to win – we must join together to stop this!    

Lost Your Application?  fill It out Online:


Voters will be sent an application to vote by mail around the first week of August.

Sign your application and send it in right away!


You will get your ballot no later than October 6th.  

We encourage Republican voters to utilize the application and mail it in.


If you mailed your application before September 24th you will receive your ballot no later than October 6th.   

When your ballot arrives, vote for your Republican candidates and send it in!

Our Mission:

On Election Day, March 17, 2020, many Republicans did not vote. The day before the election the news was filled with stories about the danger of the Corona Virus and there was speculation that the election might be postponed. Fearing the virus many of our fellow Republicans stayed home.
The Illinois Legislature recently passed legislation to address the health concerns of voters. The legislation requires local election authorities to mail an application for a “Mail-In Ballot” to all voters who cast a ballot in 2018,2019, and the 2020 Primary Election. There will still be an opportunity to vote on Election Day November 3, 2020, at special polling places that will be open across the county.
Traditionally Republicans have demonstrated an affinity to voting on Election Day and, unlike the Democrats, have not been heavily involved in the Mail-In ballot. The Winnebago County Republican Central Committee is committed to helping to increase Republican voter participation and our “Send the Vote!” program is designed to encourage our voters to utilize the mail for voting.
At this time more details will be forthcoming from the election authorities but we have enough information to understand some timelines.

On Election Day, November 3, 2020, schools and government buildings will be closed and a state holiday declared. Voters will be advised of the locations of polling places well before Election Day. Any Republicans who have not voted by mail will be encouraged to get to the polls.


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