Have you noticed that “JB” is Just Bad for citizens, no matter what level of government you consider?  Joe Biden (“DC JB”) has reduced our status with foreign powers, our employment numbers and our overall standard of living.  JB Prtizker has increased our dependence on the government, increased the distrust and animosity within the government, and increased our unemployment numbers by forcing many residents to “jab or test” with COVID (while DC JB is sending illegal untested immigrants to our state and others in the dark of night!).

Let’s focus on “local” JB today.  He continues to rule as Nero from Springfield, extending mask mandates throughout the state while COVID measurables continue to decline.  He has pushed vaccine mandates (in concert with DC JB) under threat of termination of employment (does anyone remember Biden’s “no vaccine will be mandatory” pledge??).  As many in Illinois are filing suits to challenge these actions (against Pritzker, the ISBA, the state health director, etc.) and ARE WINNING, JB wants to target those relying on the Right of Conscience Act to forego the shot and/or testing – and NOW (after 18 months on his own) he is twisting the arms of the legislature to gut these protections.  As he goes along his jolly way while law enforcement, educators and health care providers (our heroes in the pandemic in 2020) become scapegoats and are fired …. adding to the stress of pandemic 2021!

Speaking of the state legislature, the radical progressives (much like in DC) have taken control and are using their majorities to throttle any voices of dissent.  The new legislative maps (passed this spring/summer) were ridiculous – carving up Winnebago County into multiple unnecessary districts, segregating Rockford and Belvidere from all others in our area; suit was filed, and the judicial panel agreed the map was unconstitutional (WIN).  Not to be thwarted in the zest for power, they passed ANOTHER map in September (after census numbers were available) that divided Winnebago County into FIVE different house seats; that map is still subject to court review.  The first proposed congressional map makes the other maps look reasonable – one district goes from Freeport to the Indiana border and then back to near Springfield; another runs from East St. Louis to Springfield to Decatur to Champaign; the 17th includes Rockford, Quad CIties, Peoria and Bloomington/Normal while the rest of Winnebago is either in the Freeport district or a district running to Bolingbrook and Naperville!  A revised version disclosed this past weekend is not much better….

It is abundantly clear there is NO valid reason for these drafting nightmares beyond pure political power – the Dems have absolute control in Springfield and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  These districts segregate urban from suburban, suburban from rural, and split cities into two or more districts (not based on population).  This is more than Democrats punishing anyone who considers voting for a different party (Republicans) – this sows arbitrary and unnecessary differences between neighbors and communities that, in any other REASONABLE state, would be grouped together to push for common goals for that area.  Districts of this nature were denounced by the state Supreme Court in the 1980s – let’s hope the courts have the common sense to overrule these abominations now.


Of course, that’s not all on the veto agenda this coming week.  In 2019, newly-minted Gov. JB helped push through the Reproductive Health Act – which had, as its focus, a concerted effort to eradicate all barriers to abortion and murder any unborn child (even those who could survive if born) that might not fit into a certain life plan.  He was successful in all but one area – the Parental Notification of Abortion Act, which requires notice NOT CONSENT of parents of a minor seeking abortion.  They did not attack that in 2019, but that’s now targeted by the SICS (socialists in control in Springfield) in this session.  There are NO good reasons to support this legislation – the argument used that family situations may have created the unwanted pregnancy (abuse) in support of terminating this statute fails to recognize that same unwanted pregnancy could be caused by an adult in a position of power (other relative, neighbor, church or education leader)…. and parental notification COULD PREVENT further abuse.  Contact your local Democrats – Vella, Stadelman and West – and tell them to vote NO on attempts to commit another killing – of the Notification Act!