I was intrigued by the distinction between cement and concrete; researching the definitive definitions, I found an unexpected gem in a definition of cement.  An example of use was: “Something serving to unite firmly (justice is the cement that holds a political community together – R.M. Hutchins).”   That statement has relevance for all times – in order for a society to function properly and successfully, it must have justice.

Recently, justice in our society has suffered noticeably, with the outlaw mobs BLM and Antifa destroying people and property, both private and public. The perpetrators of this destruction want the dissolution of all police units so as to be able to continue their renegade practices with impunity.

The conundrum: Democratic legislators and administrators are not only allowing this chaos, they are encouraging it. Why would these people want to see their cities and states decimated in such a manner?  According to AOC (who seems to be a leader of her party), sending her constituents into economic desolation is well worth a shot at defeating President Trump in November; sacrificing the economy and safety of the whole country is worth the opportunity to control the Oval Office.

Like so many once healthy countries that converted to socialism (Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.), once the economic and social devastation has taken root, it is virtually impossible to regain their original stature. The politicians referenced above want everyone to believe they are leading us to a La La land where all is fine and everything is free.

I recall a cartoon showing a bunch of sheep in a holding pen and on a ramp leading to a railroad car. One of the sheep on the ramp looks at another and said, “Tell me again what the word ‘slaughterhouse’ means.” The other answered, “Free stuff.”  Following that, there was a joyful chorus from the sheep in the pen of “free stuff – free stuff.” That cartoon is a harbinger of America if we continue to follow this socialist meme the Democrats want to use as our model.

The problem: these socialists want absolute control of you and everything you do.  Look at the China virus control mandates, and you will get a glimpse into what is to come. In their minds, chaos and its concomitant social destruction are a small price to pay for that control.  Justice – the cement that holds a political community togethe?   If these people succeed in destroying justice by their encouragement of lawlessness and the elimination of police presence, the glue that has held our society together all these years will dissolve; true anarchy and mayhem will follow, and no one will answer your next 911 call!

The choice on Nov. 3rd – President Trump and conservative legislators who will continue to fight for religious freedom, Second Amendment rights, prosperity and the rule of law, or Democrats who will plunge us into darkness, the likes of which we have never experienced.

Dave Willis