Ronald Reagan once joked the most terrifying words are “I’m here from the government and here to help”. Reasonable, as our nation was founded against unfair government restrictions – less government is better.

This “fair” tax is not. EVERYONE in Illinois pays the SAME TAX RATE already. This constitutional amendment is a Democrat power-grab allowing the legislature to set all aspects of future income taxes. The “upper 3%” pay more this year; next year it may be the upper 10%, then taxes on retirement income or increased taxes for anyone living outside Cook County! Vote NO.

Nationally, we choose between a businessman who works for free as president (his first elected job) or a career politician who made millions while taxpayers employed him. One impeached out of spite by Democrats moving the country toward socialism…. or one who now has been implicated in foreign scandals providing true grounds for impeachment. A leader who works tirelessly for all, even after COVID19 …. or someone befuddled often hidden from public for days.

We saw unbridled economic success, low unemployment across all demographics, selection of conservative federal judges, foreign affairs successes and less government regulations with Trump. With Biden, we will see increased government taxes and regulations, active disdain for law enforcement and media censorship as long as it helps him. Vote Republican this November – to keep our government from overreaching into our pocketbooks and our lives