As we pause and reflect on the last month (Afghanistan withdrawal, Labor Day, 9/11 anniversary), focus on facts are crucial to avoid future failures…. (lots of Fs there, huh!)

Nationally, the debacle that was reminiscent of the airlifts of Vietnam (remember, Biden WAS in Congress when that occurred) cannot be described as anything but abject failure.  Trump announced the decision to remove our remaining forces after nearly 20 years at war in Afghanistan – and Biden’s ONLY good decision was not to deviate from the overall directive.  His choice of methods demonstrate either ignorance of the situation, incompetence in foreign affairs (despite his nearly five-decade stint in Congress) or sheer idiocy in following a campaign promise (“out before the 20th anniversary of 9-11”) no matter what the cost.  Some may view it as a secretive design to provide millions of support to enemies of democracy (which was the result) – but that goes past the idiocy level into diabolical and there are no clear signs of that… yet.

No one with any experience in foreign affairs, military exercises, diplomacy or just plain common sense would have completed the retreat in this manner.  First, we remove nearly all remaining military under dark of night without any true communication to our allies prior to the move.  Second, we include in that action abandonment of our strategic air base that should be the LAST foothold we relinquish in our departure.  Third, as we leave we ensure that materiel (tanks, munitions, aircraft, etc.) are not handed over to the Taliban with the tanks full and keys in the ignition.  Lastly, we establish a procedure to ensure all Americans and appropriate allies (including Afghan interpreters or others who assisted during those two decades) would have safe passage out of the country BEFORE we abandon the air base and weaponry.  Instead, at the 20 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the same group that ran Afghanistan then is back in power now – with OUR weapons!)  In years to come, historians will recount this process as an example of what NOT to do (perhaps it will be called “pulling a Biden”??)

The propogandist media, in true sycophantic chorus, tries to pivot our focus away from this crisis to something else … ANYTHING else!  We could focus on the success against COVID19 – except that numbers that are published keep growing despite state and federal restrictions (Biden’s recent pronouncements for more mandates and pushes for vaccinations, while WHO and CDC leaders suggest a halt to any proposed booster shots).  On the COVID front, records produced this month show Dr. Fauci and his group were involved (with financial support to labs in Wuhan) in researching these viruses – what Sen. Rand Paul referred to as “gain in function” testing denied repeatedly in a Congressional hearing.  Maybe COVID19 is not the story we want to push to deviate from Afghanistan….
We can tout the gains in unemployment numbers – except that the most recent reports show a significant increase in unemployment among African-Americans.  Moreover, those gains support the elimination of the unilateral and arbitrary added supports (extra unemployment compensation, eviction prohibitions and restrictions, etc.) – but after a year there are some who have become dependent upon aid from the government, paying no rent and not working.  Perhaps not the best alternate focus….
We can’t focus on the border crisis, as news there continues to be damaging to the administration.  After the cancellation of the “stay in Mexico” program of his predecessor, the numbers of illegals breaching the border has grown exponentially.  There are no reliable means to ensure those who are processed will participate in an immigration hearing some day in the future, and most entering either have no test for COVID or can refuse the vaccine – a stark contrast to the mandates Biden intends to impose on legal residents!  This past week, the optics near Del Rio, Texas got so bad (upwards of 15,000 waiting under/near a bridge) that drone coverage was banned by the administration – if you can’t see it, it does not exist?
We can always talk about the successes in DC.  Wait, the Supreme Court failed to stop the Texas law governing abortion, found the CDC abused its authority with the federal eviction stay…. and Congress (despite the Democratic stranglehold) can’t get necessary majorities to pass some of its irresponsible pending legislation (like a $3.5 Trillion “infrastructure” bill).  Perhaps the football team in Washington will do something to steal the spotlight from our “I’m not supposed to answer any questions” president??
Maybe we learn from an example from our past – from someone who served as president when Biden was in the first decade of his dedicated chair in the Senate?  Less government is better a la Ronald Reagan (most dangerous words – “I’m from the government and here to to help”).  Throwing money (remember, citizens’ money, not the government’s) at problems seldom creates a sustainable solution – just like unauthorized edicts (state or federal) do not solve issues.  Instead, as the failures continue to mount, Biden speaks to the country as a angry grandpa scolding us for what he views as transgressions, deflecting focus from his dangerous policies and decisions – not the mark of a true leader.