The Biden administration (and Democrats in general) are fixated on racial issues –  equality, inclusiveness, etc. – but as they consistently condemn racism on the surface they perpetuate such discrimination in practice.  Recently the Biden administration USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) announced a program that offers COVID-19 relief loan forgiveness to farmers.  The major qualification for this program (in addition to being a farmer) is the farmer’s skin – only those of color (non-white) may apply!  This administration feigns an effort to fight racial discrimination but does so with a blatantly racist program??

Recognizing the obvious hypocrisy, four states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Ohio) have joined in litigation to gain access to this 4-billion-dollar farmer assistance program.  The suit is based on provisions of the 14th Amendment which states that all people are afforded equal protection under the law – it seems rather clear this Biden program clearly does not satisfy that constitutional protection.  The USDA is reviewing the lawsuit with the DOJ (Department of Justice), but in the interim the USDA is continuing with their original criterion of race-based awards.  At least one farmer has filed his individual suit over the program as well.

Not to limit such discrimination to the federal government, Discover Card announced it would provide 5 million dollars to restaurant owners who were closed by COVID-19 conditions to assist in reopening.  The one additional requirement beyond owning a closed restaurant – the owner had to be black.   Any white restaurant owner with the same problems could apply but would not qualify simply because the owner is white.  How can anyone argue qualifications based solely on skin color – inclusion or exclusion – are not discriminatory?

Imagine for a moment the response if the qualification for benefits were reversed in these programs?  Only white farmers or restaurant owners need apply because people with any other color of skin are disqualified.  Imagine the calls of racism, the riots, the burned buildings and cars, and the demolished neighborhoods that likely would result – probably led by self-proclaimed leaders who incite violence more than peaceful protests?  If it is considered discriminatory to exclude certain groups from benefits based on skin color, why is it not discriminatory to exclude any group of people for the same reasons?

Unfortunately, this basis for racial discrimination and discord has been born by the USDA and Discover Card – not by this article.  Will our country, as a nation, move past any discrimination based on color of skin if government and large corporations continue to set standards based on…. color of skin?