Local Candidate Information – 2020 Contested Races

The candidate recruitment and encouragement subcommittee of the WCRCC Candidate Recruitment Committee has worked for over a decade to provide information to the public regarding candidates running as Republicans; periodically, information has also been provided in non-partisan races.

This year, the WCRCC Candidate Recruitment Committee expanded on work from prior years and sought to determine whether the candidates running for office as Republican can be recommended to the WCRCC and Republican primary voters as Republicans based on the voting record and a survey and interview completed truthfully by each candidate.

The WCRCC Candidate Recruitment Committee report was reviewed this year by the WCRCC Executive Committee, which voted to accept the recommendations of the WCRCC Candidate Recruitment Committee with one exception (as noted below *).

Republican Voting History:

  • 1 – Hard Republican
  • 2 – Soft Republican
  • 3 – Neutral, N/A
  • 4 – Soft Democrat
  • 5 – Hard Democrat

Survey Responses:
The online survey based on Republican values with “Strong Republican” as the best designation.  DNP = Did not participate

The WCRCC Candidate Recruitment Committee’s interview results if designated “Republican” or “Not Republican”.  DNP = Did not participate

The recommendation by the WCRCC Candidate Recruitment Committee, reviewing all factors:

  • YES – Recommended (a unanimous recommendation)
  • YES
  • No Recommendation
  • Do Not Recommended

Winnebago County State’s Attorney

 Voting Record
 Survey Response
 Interview Result
 David Gill  1  Strong Republican  Republican YES
J. Hanley  1  Strong Republican  Republican  YES

Winnebago County Board Chairman

 Voting Record
 Survey Response
 Interview Result
Joe Chiarelli  1  Strong Republican  Republican  YES – Recommended
Jim Webster  1  Strong Republican  Republican  YES

Winnebago County Board – District 9

 Voting Record
 Survey Response
 Interview Result
 Pam Connell  1  Strong Republican  Republican  YES – Recommended
David Kelley  1 Republican  Republican  No Recommendation

Winnebago County Board – District 11

 Voting Record
 Survey Response
 Interview Result
 Dave Fiduccia  1  DNP  DNP  Do Not Recommendation
Kevin McCarthy  1  Strong Republican  Republican   YES – Recommended
John Penney* 5 Strong Republican Stricken  Do Not Recommendation (WCRCC)


Winnebago County Board – District 16

 Voting Record  Survey Response  Interview Result Conclusion
 Jean Crosby  1  Strong Republican  Republican No Recommendation
Kyle Vail  2  Strong Republican  Republican  YES


  • The CRE committee struck the Interview score based on a follow-up inquiry; the WCRCC Executive Committee adopted a ” No Recommendation” based upon Penney’s Democratic voting history