Next Election: 2022 General Primary Election

Important changes to the 2022 Primary Election were passed in Springfield earlier this year. 

  1. The 2022 Primary Election has been moved to June 28th.
  2. This means that candidate petitions will not be circulated in the fall. Petitions will be circulated beginning January 13th through March 14th. This is almost one full month less time to circulate petitions than in previous years. 
  3. Voters can petition for permanent (absentee) vote by mail in ballot status. If you choose sign and return the form for this option, a mail in ballot will be mailed to your address for every ensuing election. 
  4. Voters can apply for an absentee/vote by mail ballot between March 30th and June 23.
  5. Early Voting begins on May 19th.

You may still vote at your assigned polling place on June 28th. Keep an eye out for your voter registration card, which will list your polling place. There have been no changes to the November election.

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