Election Integrity Program

The Illinois Conservative Union (ICU) has developed the ICU Election Integrity Program over the past several years.

This program is the product of over a decade of education and investigation regarding Illinois elections. The ICU Election Integrity team has served on the frontlines of Illinois elections as poll watchers, election judges, voter registrars, participated in recounts, etc. This 3 hour Program includes:

  1. Our Story – how this program developed, its pieces, and how they fit together
  2. Building Your County Election Integrity Team
    a. Precinct Committeemen, Poll Watchers, Election Observers
    b. Election Judges
    c. County GOP Liaison(s) to the County Clerk/Election Authority office
    d. Data team
  3. Freedom of Information Act – what it is and how can it be used for election integrity
  4. Breakout sessions:
    a. Election Judge*/Poll Watcher-Observer training
    b. Data team training

Did you know that, per IL Election Statute, there is NO “head judge” in any polling place in IL? Every EJ
has equal power and authority. We teach Republican EJ’s how to use their authority.
Did you know that it’s easy for the county Republican organizations to learn who their local Republican Election Judges are and to validate that they’re Republican? We teach you to make election judge selection and validation a part of your election integrity effort.
Did you know that the IL Election Statutes are, by design, intentionally vague where vagueness will help Democrats, and intentionally specific where specificity will help Democrats? We show you strategies to help overcome this.
Did you know that some Election Authorities are “winging it” and have no accountability? We teach you how to hold their feet to the fire.
Our Election Judge training is a supplement to the training EJ’s are required to take from their County Clerk/Election Authority in order to do paid work in the polls

Where: Health Professionals Building, 4915 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61108

Time: 6pm to 9pm

When: Thursday September 2nd, 2021



ICU Election Integrity Program

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