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  • If you don’t know your district call 815-627-0467 or email
  • Candidates – if your petition is not here, email a pdf copy to John Guevara at

Governor Petitions

Darren Bailey

Richard Irvin

Gary Rabine

Chris Roper

Paul Schimpf

Jesse Sullivan

Illinois Statewide Petitions

Secretary of State

Dan Brady

John Milhiser


Tom Demmer


US Senate Petitions

Peggy Hubbard

Bobby Piton

Alison Salinas

Winnebago County Candidate Petitions


County Clerk


Congress Petitions

View Congressional Maps here

16th Congressional

17th Congressional

IL State Senate Petitions

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34th Senate District –

35th Senate District

45th Senate District

Illinois House Petitions

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67th House District

68th House District

69th House District

  • Joe Sosnowski

89th House District

  • Toni McCombie
  • Victoria Onarato

90th House District

County Board Petitions

View Map here

District 1 – Aaron Booker

District 2 – Jim Webster

District 3 – John Guevara

District 4 – Brad Lindmark

District 5 – Teena Newburg

District 6 – Keith McDonald

District 7 – Paul Arena

District 8 – John Butitta

District 9 – John Penney

District 10 – David Peyton

District 11 – Kevin McCarthy

District 12

District 13

District 14

District 15 – Burt Gerl

District 16 – Jean Crosby

District 17

District 18

District 19

District 20 – John Sweeney

We Are Republican Because We Support…

  • Low taxes, small government
  • Protection of innocent human life, marriage and family
  • Increasing American energy production
  • Free market health care and medical lawsuit reform
  • Parental choice in education
  • Strong national defense and secure borders
  • Second Amendment Right of firearm ownership
  • Responsible judges who uphold the Constitution

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Purpose of the Winnebago County Republican Central Committee:

  • To develop, foster, advance, and perpetuate the principles of the Republican party.
  • To support and otherwise do all within its power to insure the election of all Republican nominees for public office whose names appear on the general election ballots in the County of Winnebago.
  • To fill such vacancies as may occur by virtue of the death or inability of any Republican nominee to serve as such nominee or as an official of the Republican party, within the jurisdiction of the County of Winnebago.
  • To engage in such other activities and perform such functions and services as may from time to time be necessary to further the cause of the Republican party, its principles and its candidates.
    (Article 1, Sec. 2 Bylaws of the WCRCC)

Foundation and Focus

Winnebago County Republican candidates Fight For…

  • Opportunity for Working Families
  • Safer Neighborhoods
  • Smarter Government
  • Stronger Public Health
  • Ending Corruption
  • Educational Choice