Well, if you are reading this you have survived January and COVID …. and an entire year of the Biden administration.  Congratulations?  Some observations in the first five weeks of the 2022 year….

In mid-January, despite inclement (i.e. normal Northern Illinois) weather, marches for Life were held throughout the nation – including here in Rockford.  The event was very well attended but seemed to garner no more press than the cancellation of the Womens’ March that was scheduled the following weekend.  Perhaps, given the current docket of the US Supreme Court, there will be changes next year….adding that issue to your nightly prayers is a good New Year’s Resolution.

However, don’t expect changes coming from the justices in DC to have any significant impact in our state.  Remember, among the many socialist moves by our current state administration when it seized control in 2019 was the “health reproductive act”.  This legislation established, in no uncertain terms, a baby has NO rights in this state unless and until it escapes the womb – a mother, in consultation with a physician, can obtain an abortion under certain circumstances even at 8 months!!  The laws and cases from other states recognizing that SCIENCE supports finding life at an early stage (6 weeks in some) does not control here – nor does it seem that any such information is considered relevant by those who championed this abomination (that includes the current governor who signed it!).

Protection from elsewhere in DC won’t be coming any time soon either.  Our current president identifies as Catholic but has eye problems – he sees rights held by a woman to terminate a life, but not rights held by that life to be born and live.  But I suppose, after the year he has had, eye problems are the least of his concerns; spiking inflation, weakness in foreign policy, refusal to protect our borders and false promises of “ending COVID” are just a few of the “hits” from his first (sadly not last) 365 days.

And don’t forget the federal mandates that would NOT be enacted (campaign promise), were then enacted (with the presidential scolding) and found beyond the administration’s powers (thank you US Supremes).  Recent studies have determined the lockdowns instituted by many states (Illinois included) had a very marginal effect on reducing COVID spread – yet had a devastating economic effect on millions of citizens.  In Springfield, a state judge recently ruled in favor of dozens of parents who sued Pritzker and school districts concerning the mask mandate… .but wait, Pritzker has appealed to a higher court, so stay tuned.  Is it time to acknowledge COVID – a virus prone to mutate – may be here to stay in one form or another, and we have to figure out (like an obnoxious but law-abiding neighbor) how to learn to live with it until it becomes so weakened it may be ignored safely?

On the horizon is the WCRCC Lincoln Day dinner (March 5, 2022, go to the website for details).  Petitions are being circulated now for the primary …. which is not until pools are open and 4th of July products are in the store (June 28)??.  Given the patently ridiculous redistricting done by the Dems (I believe certain people looked at what Madigan did in 2011 and said “that’s nothing… hold my beer”), we have to REALLY rally to ensure responsible voices are elected to Springfield, DC and even Winnebago County.

As for redistricting – why is it that certain former national leaders decry gerrymandering actions taken when Republicans may benefit (those plans are often overturned by activists on the bench), yet those same leaders remain SILENT when gerrymandering is done to benefit Dems – even to the point of eliminating any Republican congressional representation in a state (New Jersey).  Surprisingly, many states (NY, IL) are given an “F” when independent analysis is done on these plans, but the state officials WON’T change them and the judges WON’T change them either.  Some would question why umpires (judges) who are to call balls and strikes instead turn their head and ignore cheating or over-reaching …. ALL THE MORE REASON to fight for responsible candidates in June and November.