Hello Everyone –

It’s been a busy quarantine, and we have big news!

1. 34th & 67th Race Updates – We did it! I want to thank Paul Hofmann and Kathie Hansen for answering the call and working hard to file as Republican candidates for the November 2020 elections.

Paul needed to file 1,000 signatures and submitted almost 2,500 signatures with his petition! He will be running against Steve Stadelman for State Senate.

Kathie needed to file 500 signatures and submitted 700 signatures with her petition to run against Maurice West for the Illinois House of Representatives.

Congrats to them both – and to all of you – for helping them get them on the ballot.  We could not have done it without you!

2. Appointments – Also congratulations needs to go out to Jennifer “Ginger” Hanley on her appointment as Rockford’s 12th Ward Alderman! We’re proud that the city council and Rockford’s mayor consulted with us and respected our recommendation.  They made the right choice to fill the late John Beck’s seat and I know Ginger will represent us well. County Board Chairman Haney has yet to fill the vacancy made when David Boomer abruptly resigned earlier this year. Boomer’s resignation will result in a special election this fall.  I am confident we will make the right choice to fill the vacancy this December.

3. June 9th WCRCC Meeting – Our Monthly WCRCC Meeting will be held at our usual location and time.  We will be practicing social distancing protocols and ask that we limit attendance to area captains, members at large, and selected guests.  We will also broadcast the meeting via Zoom for PC’s that wish to attend.  If interested,  please send an email to chariman@wcrcc.com and we will get you an invitation. During our meeting, we will be hearing from our Countywide candidates –  Joe Chiarelli for County Board Chairman, and J. Hanley for States Attorney.  We’re going to discuss an aggressive campaign to turn out the vote this November. This is a meeting you won’t want to miss!

Finally, I’d like to take a step back from our local world here in Winnebago County and speak about events unfolding in our great country.  I absolutely condemn the horrific acts perpetrated against George Floyd in Minnesota.  I join the chorus of those calling for justice and know that my fellow Republicans join me as we pray for peace for all Americans. 

Not to be forgotten however, we must also condemn the perpetrators of violence perverting peaceful protests across our great country. Brutality – whether from government or from community members – must never be tolerated. Please keep our first responders – especially our law enforcement – in your prayers this week as well.  We stand by them and will continue to call for our area leaders to commit to a community effort to stamp out brutality and racism.

Thank you – and as always God bless America.

Eli Nicolosi
Thank you & God bless!

Eli Nicolosi
WCRCC Chairman