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Our Purpose:

  • To develop, foster, advance, and perpetuate the principles of the Republican party.
  • To support and otherwise do all within its power to ensure the election of all Republican nominees for public office whose names appear on the general election ballots in the County of Winnebago.
  • To fill such vacancies as may occur by virtue of the death or inability of any Republican nominee to serve as such nominee or as an official of the Republican party, within the jurisdiction of the County of Winnebago.
  • To engage in such other activities and perform such functions and services as may from time to time be necessary to further the cause of the Republican party, its principles and its candidates.
2 days ago
Fact-check: Durbin’s claim about COVID-19 effect on U.S. economy vs. rest of the world off by a factor of wrong

We think Tricky Dick Durbin needs to be sent packing. It’s time for Senator who works for us and not for Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi.

Asked repeatedly to provide records, studies or any other support to back up the claim, Sen. Dick Durbin’s staff did not respond.

4 days ago
Winnebago County Says No

Absolutely not!

Do you want county government to look more like Pritzker’s Springfield?

Say NO!

1 week ago
Opinion | Why the ‘Biden Rule’ Doesn’t Apply in 2020

For those who don’t know, here’s important history on federal court nominations.

It appears the “Biden” rule was coined when he was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. His ... See more

Voters in 2016 and 2018 showed a clear preference for Trump nominees’ originalist philosophy.

1 week ago

Jamie is a veteran and a man on a mission to do great things for Winnebago County. Let’s show him we have his back!

1 week ago
Letter: A new voice for northern Illinois

I had the pleasure to hear Esther Joy King speak at a meet-and-greet event in Freeport. To say that I was impressed with Ms. King is an understatement. If

1 week ago
Rockford Weekend of Action 9/26/2020


Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer for Esther Joy King, Paul Hoffman, John Cabello, and Kathie Hansen! Please arrive to 515 N. Court Street at least 30 minutes prior to your ... See more

1 week ago
Intellectual Takeout

We are so thankful that the Republican men and women up and down our ballot this November understand the first lesson of economics.

Second Law: Politicians lie. Got it.

1 week ago
Trump Has Detailed His Supreme Court List. Will Biden Release One?

We deserve to know what a Presidential candidate intends to do. Slogans aren’t good enough. ... See more

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn't unveiled a list of names about who he could nominate to the Supreme Court. That issue has taken on a new urgency.

1 week ago

We hear “defund the police” in order to pay for other services.

Take a look at the breakdown of state and local direct general expenditures.

If 53% of the spending hasn’t fixed the problem, ... See more

1 week ago
Gang member convicted in fatal shooting of Rockford teen

Given the choice between someone who works to make our streets safer - John Cabello - and someone who works to keep criminals out of jail - Cabello’s opponent (pictured) -, who would you vote ... See more

ROCKFORD — Ricardo Jaimes is expected to spend at least the next three decades in prison. A jury found him guilty today of first-degree murder,